Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that we build into all of the sites we produce but we also offer optimisation for those that didn’t have their sites built by us.

We view a good search engine position as a reward for hard work and not as something that can be bought. As part of our SEO work we’ll work on the relevance of your pages and show you how to keep your pages important enough to be ranked above your competition.

Every SEO job starts with relevance first and we decide between us what are the best search terms or keywords to focus our attention on. We’ll update your site and suggest changes or slight alterations to your website copy in order to ensure your pages are relevant to the keywords we’ve settled on.

There’s quite a lot of research that goes into producing what we call your Keyword Map and you’ll have it to hand and need to refer to it when you produce new content.

Our next phase is an enduring process of making sure your site is important enough to be ranked highly for terms that it is relevant for. We set the foundations for this work but this is where you or your content editors take over.

There are three elements to a sustainable and effective SEO strategy that we will help you to develop, our short-term goal is for you to control how successful your SEO campaigns are and ultimately make high search rankings your reward for publishing good content.

Search Engine Market Share


Making your site visible to search engines and measuring performance.


Raising your sites relevance through good content.


Improving your importance and raising your search rankings..

Pricing Examples

SEO Report

£ 300 0
SEO Health ReportBest Practice GuideBasic Tracking/Reporting Set UpBasic Optimisation

Monthly Cycle

£ 600 0
per month (min 2 cycles)
All From One Month CycleMonthly Progress ReportsSocial Media AnalysisAdWords Set Up & Assistance


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